Fill your Temporary Fencing Needs with Construction Fencing

Our fencing jobs are not always permanent. In fact, one of the most common fencing projects we do is in construction fencing. Construction fences are usually a temporary form of fencing put up around a construction site and torn back down when the construction is complete. Because they are usually only up during the construction process, construction fences function a little differently than permanent fencing installations.

Construction fences are designed to be able to be installed efficiently, so we can secure your jobsite as quickly as possible. We also ensure that construction fence removal is an efficient process, so you can have everything looking great at your finished site that much sooner. However, a construction fence still needs to be sturdy enough to properly function. It needs to be durable enough to fulfill its purpose and keep your worksite secure.

Construction Fencing

Construction Fences Keep Your Worksite Secure

Construction fences are installed for a reason, and that reason is to help keep your construction site safe. A construction fence can help keep your worksite secure in three different ways. The first is by preventing illegal dumping. A construction fence will make it much more difficult for people to dump things onto your construction site, and keeping the area clear of extraneous trash and other debris will save you wasting time getting rid of it. Illegal dumping can be a big problem for construction sites, and a construction fence can help mitigate it.

The second manner in which a construction fence protects you and your work is by preventing theft. A construction fence defines a clear boundary to your worksite, and acts as a physical barrier barring entry. Which means that you can more easily watch and regulate who is going in and out of the site with a construction fence. Construction fences make it both more difficult for a thief to enter your site, and much more difficult for them to leave with anything of value.

The third layer of protection a construction fence offers is designed to minimize outside injury. One of the biggest liabilities your site can have is the chance that someone will wander in and get hurt. No one outside your crew is prepared or authorized to be in the construction area, and so no one outside your crew should be on the construction site. Help keep people safe by keeping them away from your dangerous jobsite with a construction fence.

Some of our Construction Fence Options

Here at SWi, LLC we have handled over a thousand different fencing projects, so we understand that no two are exactly alike. Different build sites have different needs and specifications, so they need different construction fences. Depending on the type of construction you are doing, and the area you are constructing in, you might need a very specific type of construction fencing. Luckily, we can help with just about any variety of construction fencing.

We have some different options when it comes to construction fencing to help you get the best temporary fencing for the job. We offer both chain link panel fencing and post driven panel fencing, depending on your construction fencing requirements. We can also do silt fencing for any construction fences you need in wetter areas. And, obviously we can do the most recognizable construction fencing, the orange fence. No matter what it is you need in construction fencing, we will try our best to give it to you.

Construction Fencing

Why SWi, LLC is the Right Choice for Construction Fencing

We are the right choice when it comes to construction fencing for so many reasons. We have the skills and experience it takes to get your construction fence put up and torn down fast. We also have different construction fencing options and will work with you to get you what you need. We are both professional and passionate about what we do. But perhaps the best reason you should select us for construction fencing is that we are safe.

Construction sites are dangerous, and we are fully focused on safety. We are a member of ISNetworld and PEC Safety. All of our construction fence contractors are H2S certified and have been through the 8-hour SafeLand training. We also participate in MSHA and 30-hour OSHA training, so we can even work with oil and mining sites on construction fencing. If you want a construction fence company that goes above and beyond industry safety standards, then you want SWi, LLC.

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