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Our customers ask a lot of great questions. We thought we'd share some of them with you ... as you might be wondering about some of these things as well.

Our Company FAQs

Our founder / owner - Mark Olson has been in the fencing industry for over 28 years. SWi was founded in 2015.

We actually have several office across Wyoming and into Montana. Our offices are in Casper, Cheyenne, Cody, Jackson, Powell, and Billings Montana, and an operations warehouse in Gillette.

No matter where you are in Wyoming, SWi is there to help protect your home or business with a great fence.

Of course! As wyoming's leading fence company, we do not take shortcuts or cut corners. We are fully licensed and insured. We are also certified fence professionals and belong to multiple business and trade organizations. It is our commitment to being the best fence company in Wyoming and in the entire U.S.

Aluminum Fence FAQs

Yes. We carry lighter grade aluminum fencing for more economical options all the way up to heavy duty aluminum fencing typically used for commercial or industrial applications.

Our fence experts can help you select the right grade of aluminum fencing that strikes a balance between the strength you need without breaking the bank - paying for additional strength you don't need.

Aluminum fencing comes in many different heights and lengths. Generally speaking, most styles of aluminum fence come in heights from 4ft tall up to 8ft tall. Our residential aluminum fences come in 48", 54", 57", 60", and 72". Aluminum fence section lengths also vary depending on the style.

Our fence experts can help you choose the right size for your situation ... also ensuring that you are in compliance with all local codes.

Absolutely! Aluminum fencing is the top choice for Wyoming residents to protect their pools - meeting even the most stringent pool codes.

Because aluminum doesn't rust, it is a great choice for wet areas. Being able to see through the fence allows you to keep an eye on what is going on in the pool - another key safety feature for parents and homeowners.

Chain Link Fence FAQs

Yes. Chain link fence is a popular choice for many Wyoming property owners. We are experts at chain link fencing.

Generally, chain link fencing is galvanized to protect from rust and corrosion. It does also come coated with a PVC or polymer coating in various colors which greatly improves the look and the durability of the fence. Typical

Many people don't realize that chain link fencing comes in heights up to 12ft or even higher. Obviously, anything over 8ft is usually not intended for residential applications in Wyoming.

Chain link fencing is a great choice to stand up to the harsh Wyoming winters and strong winds. Our experience is that chain link fences last an average of 20+ years in Wyoming and PVC or polymer coated chain link lasts even longer.

Vinyl Fence FAQs

Yes. Many people are suprised to learn that a properly installed vinyl fence can easily stand up to the harsh weather of Wyoming. Winds, snow, cold temperatures are no match for a quality vinyl fence.

Standard colors for vinyl fencing are shown here:

We also have a premium Timberland Series:

We work with NVP (National Vinyl Products) vinyl fencing. We choose to use their products because they are a proven solution with a long track record of manufacturing quality fencing products.

Wood Fence FAQs

Absolutely! This is how we got our start and earned our reputation as Wyoming's premier fence company. Check out our FENCE GALLERY to see examples of our awesome custom wood fences.

One of the reasons wood fences are so popular in Wyoming is that they can be customized for nearly every style and situation. Check out our WOOD FENCE page to see photos and examples of many different styles of wood fence.

Many fence companies low-ball their intial bid then come back with additional charges just before the project starts. We don't do that! Also, we use only top-quality products and top-quality fence installers. Quality costs a little more but is worth every penny in the long-run!

Believe me, you can't afford to choose the cheaper guys!

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